The 10 Hardest Degrees

When we are looking at degrees, there are many factors to look at to measure how hard a degree is. When we talk about a degree is hard, it can be relative since it can be hard and easy for one person. The hardest degree in school can depend on the understudy and where your interest and passion lie. If you do not have a passion for it and don’t have any enthusiasm for a subject, it may be harder unless you get help from service.

Despite being degrees being hard is dependent on some factors. Some degrees are quite hard since the amount of research and assignments required is a lot. The following degrees are the top hardest according to a survey:

10. Petroleum Engineering 

When you are pursuing a degree in petroleum engineering, the normal time you spend in class every week is an average of 18 hours. These are the hours required to prepare and do assignments for the course. To this degree, you have to learn about the extraction of oil and its creation and gaseous petrol. 

9. Bioengineering 

Like the petroleum engineering degree, you need 18 and a half hours to prepare for it every week. This degree co-ordinates engineering and biological principles that are used to create usable products. Examples of these are analytical gear, clinical gadgets, etc. 

8. Biophysics or Biochemistry

You will need 18 and a half hours to prepare for each biophysics class every week, like bioengineering. Most students that are studying biochemistry tackle substances of living creatures and synthetic cycles. The biophysics degree is comparable. It includes the comparison of biological phenomena and other creatures. 

7. Astronomy

The astronomy degree involves learning about the clouds; this involves planets, stars, and space rocks. This and also other related marvels such as dark openings and the supernovae. Studying this degree includes math, calculus, software engineering, astronomy, physics, planetary geology, and cosmology.

6. Physics

Like the astronomy degree, you need at least 18hours and 30 minutes to prepare for your physics undergraduate class. In this degree, you will learn about the development of matter and its properties. Also, the vitality and ideas of power. Class courses include power, vibration, and waves, the quantum of physics, gravity, and thermodynamics.

5. Molecular and Cell Biology

We are halfway through the most challenging degrees. Molecular and cell biology requires 18 hours, 40 minutes a week, to prepare for class. 

This degree is an interdisciplinary field where is combines both chemistry and biology. This degree allows us to understand living things in their forms and capacity. 

4. Biomedical engineering 

This degree involves using the principle of chemistry and medicine to create products that are of quality for medical care and medication. A student has to dedicate the smallest of 19 hours to prepare for class.

3. Astronautical and Aero Engineering

This degree combines two complex kinds of aircraft engineering. Aero engineering deals with airplanes’ development inside the earth’s atmosphere, while astronautical engineering involves rockets outside of the atmosphere. 

2. Chemical engineering

This degree involves the design, use, creation, and transport of synthetic compounds. 


It is the hardest degree there is. You need to invest at least 22 hours each week. The degree involves the manufacture and design of structures. Studying history and the theories of architecture.


Before choosing your degree, you need to consider some factors to avoid choosing a degree that will be hard for you.

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