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Essential Learning Skills for Students

Proven techniques and guidelines for studying smarter and not harder.

Study skills tips

Are you struggling to be a prosperous student? If the answer is yes, then do not get discouraged since it, not magic. However, it needs a lot of hard work, dedication, and desire. It is the right place for students who want to learn the techniques and tips for being successful. The study skills guidelines presented in this article provide students with everything they need to learn effectively.

Our study skills guide for students addresses the following critical topics: memorization, test-taking, time management, stress management, note-taking, comprehension, reading, and active listening. Suppose you allocate adequate time to study and apply the learned skills, ideas, and principles presented in this guide. In that case, you will improve your school performance and your capability to learn in general. Moreover, these skills will be beneficial to you for a lifetime. Depending on your level of study such as high school students trying to survive, a tutor searching for study skills materials for his or her students, or a first-year student in college wanting to be ahead, then these study skills tutorials, guides, and resources are critical for you right now. To begin, choose one of the following categories.

  • Study skills by subject
  • Exam taking tips
  • General study skills tips

The general study skills tips

This section presents general study tutorials, tips, and articles for teachers, parents, and students that provide proven strategies and tips for boosting study skills learning ability, effectiveness, and habits. The topics we cover include listening, writing, vocabulary, maths, reading, note-taking, learning style, and time management, among others.

  • The studying pyramid explore
  • The learning cycle
  • The forgetting curve
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How to write a research paper
  • The fundamentals of writing an essay
  • Strategies for building vocabulary
  • The SQ3R techniques for reading textbooks
  • Techniques for reading textbooks
  • How to make effective use of study groups
  • Locating a good study location
  • How to use effective time management skills to optimize studying
  • The critical thinking skills
  • A guide to active learning
  • Guide to effective listening skills
  • How to boost your memory
  • How to boost your note-taking skills
  • Cornell system of note-taking

Examination taking tips

Taking an examination is a critical skill in and for itself. Even genius students have challenges when they are taking their examinations. Therefore, the art of learning how to take examinations is an essential aspect of any educational progression, development, and performance. In this section, we explore specific and general strategies and guidelines for taking and raising the performance of numerous kinds of examinations such as a standardized, open book, oral, essay, multiple-choice, and short answer.

  • Study guide for GRE
  • Study guide for GED
  • Test guide for ACCUPLACER
  • Test preparation guide for NCLEX
  • Examination taking techniques for nursing students
  • Studying for MCAT examinations
  • Strategies for LSAT
  • Tips and techniques for SAT examination taking
  • Test-taking strategies for the ACT
  • How to take an oral test
  • How to take open-book tests
  • How to prepare for math and quantitative
  • How to solve math word challenges
  • Preparing for False/True tests
  • Tips for taking a multiple-choice test
  • How to take essay tests
  • How to take short answer tests
  • Strategies for test-taking
  • Simple yet effective strategies for boosting test performance
  • How to cope with test anxiety

Study skills materials by subject

To become an effective student and learner, you must understand the general proven strategies for test-taking and study. However, you should note that each subject that you study is distinct and needs different study approaches. Sometimes you may need accounting homework help online, so feel free to get it at a reliable service. For instance, studying American heritage is very different from studying how to do calculus. In comparison, both subjects need effective reading and listening comprehension skills, good study habits. However, each needs a different approach to learning. This section explores specific study strategies and skills related to performance within each subject area.